It is hard to give a specific time frame or estimate for this as it depends on your skin type, melanin production, genetics, intensity of the sun and how long you spend in the sun. Try to wear your True Tone bikini for as long as possible and for a continuous period of time to see better results.

Our bikinis have liners in the bikini bottoms where necessary. But the remaining part of the bikini is single lined as to allow for the tan-through effect.

Yes! The fabric is very soft and smooth, additionally, the fabric contains thousands of microholes which allows your skin to breathe more than a regular bikini would.

Yes, of course! That’s what its meant to do. The fabric has been tested both in chlorine and salt water and is therefore not affected. However it is important to rinse your bikini after use as to extend its longevity and so it prevents quick fading.

They will tan through the straps at a slower rate as they are double lined. We recommend you move your straps from time to time to prevent any lines from developing.

That is entirely up to the person using the product. We do recommend using sun cream at all times. Although, our bikinis are parallel to wearing SPF 8 – 15.

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No, as this would interfere with the tan-through process.

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