Sustainable swimwear

Sustainable swimwear
Every year 92 million tons of clothing end up in a landfill thanks to fast fashion. With the industry being responsible for creating harmful working conditions for garment workers, contributing to 10% of global pollution and causing countries like Ghana to bear the brunt of this planetary harm by becoming dumping grounds for the world’s unwanted clothing. But land is not the only habitat affected by this waste, our oceans have fallen prey to chemical and material pollution too.

So how can you avoid adding to the mess? Easy, with lifestyle hacks and sustainable brand below, you can enjoy a guilt-free day at the beach this summer

Eco-friendly VS Sustainable swimwear

Environmentally friendly: The practice of taking into consideration the impact that manufacturing garments will have on the environment, the workers and the consumers using them.

Sustainable: The practice of creating garments using biodegradable materials from natural or recycled fibers. Because these materials grow with no pesticide or fertilizer, they consume less energy and water and therefore have a much lower carbon footprint. 

Lifestyle changes for sustainable swimwear:

  • Self-audit

Sometimes we want new swimwear, but that doesn’t always mean we need it. Doing a self-audit to see if you really need that cute new bikini can be a cute way to avoid adding more waste to the environment while also saving yourself money.

  • Swimwear swap 

Swap meets have been around for as long as I can remember and can be a fun way of getting some friends together with the benefit of also walking away with some beachwear for yourself and again, you wouldn't even have to spend money.

  • Thrifting

It’s quickly become a hot trend but for the OG thrifters, you’ll know that all it takes is some time and patience to find some true fashion gold. With them being so popular, there might even be a thrift market in your area where you could score some beautiful, sometimes high-end swimwear for less than half the price!


By Sineade Williams

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