5 of the best clean sunscreen brands this summer

Is it possible for sunscreen to protect your skin from the summer heat while protecting the
planet? “Clean” has become a buzzword that's gained traction in the last few years but what the
heck does that even mean?
Keep your conscience clear this summer with 5 of the best clean, human-friendly sunscreens on
the market.

What is clean beauty?
Even though the term is often thought to describe products that are natural or organic, beauty
products don’t actually have to adhere to those standards to be considered clean. Yes, having
organic or natural products can sometimes be beneficial but honestly, clean beauty is less complicated than you may think.

To be considered clean products have to stick to two rules:

1. The use of clean ingredients. This means ingredients that have been tested and been found free of carcinogens and factors that would disrupt hormones.

2. Transparency and honesty are the words of the day here, the product label has to be transparent. To be considered clean the label and its ingredients have to be clear and not misleading.
Clean beauty is simple. It's nontoxic and straightforward. These are the foundational principles of the movement.

5 clean sunscreen brands
You’ve waited long enough, here's the good stuff. Now that you know what to look out for, I’ll
make it easier for you. Below are 10 of the best clean beauty sunscreen brands for you to pop
into your cart this summer to keep your precious skin thriving.

1. Ursa Major

This mineral-based SPF is sure to keep you covered and satisfied this summer. With a
lightweight formula, this sunscreen could be doubled as a moisturizer. White cast? Thing of the
past, there’s nothing more annoying than having to walk around looking like you’ve just seen a
ghost or are cosplaying as one but with the brands' new formula it blends into the smoother than
ever before.
Consisting of ingredients like lingonberry stem and elfdoc stem, you’re sure to reap the benefits
of its properties by sporting features like increased elasticity, reduced redness and dark spots.

2. Utu


SPF: 30
For all my nature lovers and adventure junkies, Utu has got your back or should I say skin with
its mineral sunscreen. Created with you in mind, it’ll protect your skin from harsh temperatures,
extreme winds and saltwater while remaining reef-safe.
With ingredients like sea buckthorn and hyaluronic acid, you get to live your best sporty life
without having to worry about the smoothness, hydration and protection of your skin.

3. Salt & Stone

SPF: 50
Wonderful for sensitive skin, this all-natural, mineral sunscreen contains ingredients like
avocado oil, rosehip seed oil and vitamin E for an all-day soothing experience. It's sweat and
water-resistant, whether you’re down for an outdoor workout or surfing those waves, you’re
And while you’re surfing those waves you can do so guilt-free with their reef-safe formulation.

4. Supergoop

SPF: 40
The most lightweight formula of the bunch, the Supergoop sunscreen has been getting
quite some hype for a while now and boy is it deserved. Co-owned by Maria Sharapova,
you can be sure that the tennis star understood the importance of a lightweight but
supportive formula.
Although this one, does contain chemicals they're as clean as they can be and the
brand goes as far as to tell you which ingredients they DON'T include. With red algae
and frankincense, this formula is sure to leave you protected, smooth and hydrated
throughout the day.

5. EIR surf mud


SPF: 30
Created in the Montauk surf community, EiR surf mud was created by the best for the best.
Every surfer will know the importance of a good, lasting sunscreen that’ll protect your skin from
the harsh elements while not harming the ocean.
Surf mud does just that. Inspired by the Mayan chocolate mask, this cocoa-scented sunscreen
may not be sheer but is guaranteed to stay put all day as you indulge in your favorite activities.

With the clean beauty movement becoming more of a trend, it's exciting to see the innovative ways that suncare develops without the use of harmful chemicals. Don’t forget to keep your skin
safe while keeping the planet safe this summer.




Sineade Williams

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